Easily Schedule and Manage Multiple YouTube Live Broadcasts

SuperMiniStream takes your conference schedule and creates YouTube live broadcasts, Zoom Meetings, and Discord channels for each session. During your conference, SuperMiniStream can be used to easily migrate one or more YouTube streams between the different broadcasts in your schedule, making the corresponding broadcasts live to viewers. SuperMiniStream makes it easy to run virtual conferences with multiple parallel tracks.

Why SuperMiniStream

When running a virtual conference, especially one with multiple parallel tracks, it is time consuming to manually create the associated Youtube broadcasts for each session in the conference. During the conference, it can also be difficult to quickly transition the YouTube live streams between the different broadcasts, if recording each session as a separate archived stream. SuperMiniStream makes this process easy. SuperMiniStream takes your conference's schedule, broken down by event, session, and time slot, and schedules the YouTube broadcasts for you. During the conference, SuperMiniStream uses the same schedule information to advance the live streams for each session through the different YouTube broadcasts.

Setting up the Conference YouTube Broadcasts

SuperMiniStream just needs some simple information about your conference schedule to create the YouTube broadcasts for you. In an Excel Workbook, you provide a sheet for each day that contains the time breakdown of each event. Events are broken into sessions, where each session maps to a unique YouTube broadcast (video). You can provide additional detail about the time slots within a session, this information will be used to populate the video description. The script takes this schedule and creates the corresponding broadcasts, as shown below. The scheduling script will also take care of creating Zoom meetings and Discord chat channels for your conference sessions. See the example session sheet for an example of how your schedule should be formatted.

Managing Multiple LiveStreams During the Conference

SuperMiniStream also makes it easy to manage multiple parallel live streams during the conference. Once the sessions have completed, the script can be used to transition the streams from the current broadcasts to those for the next session. No need to manage multiple stream keys per-computer, or swap things around in YouTube Studio. SuperMiniStream uses the session time to tell when a stream should be migrated to the next broadcast, allowing it to handle variable length sessions in your schedule.

Your Data

SuperMiniStream does not collect or store your user data. SuperMiniStream will only use your YouTube account to schedule broadcasts for your conference sessions and manage binding live streams from your streaming software to those broadcasts to make them live. Please see the privacy policy for more information.